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Question: I need someone to help me find new tenants for my apartment/house. Can you help?
Answer: Yes, we provide a full rental service package that includes ALL showings, deposit collection, guarantor signing, lease signing.
Question: What are the fees for renting out my unit?
Answer: 80% of one month's rent. If you have multiple units please call for a custom quote.
Question: What are the fees for managing my property?
Answer: We charge 5% of the monthly rent to handle the day to day repairs/services required for your property. We also provide a tailored quote for multiple properties and newer units
Question: Who pays for advertising and marketing costs?
Answer: Exclusive Rentals covers all advertising costs. We offer one of the most advanced website’s designed specifically for London, Ontario. We also advertise in the UWO Gazette and place a Rental sign on your rental property. We also have large scale advertising campaigns throughout the year to drive traffic to our site and your property. We place ads on the off-campus housing websites for both UWO and Fanshawe College.
Question: Are there any other “hidden” fees?
Answer: No. We get paid when your unit is rented. Our fee is paid through the collection of first or last month’s rent.